Theatre on the Ridge

Jael Rochon, a young lady of 20 years old, came to Grizzly Valley Players as a result of guilt by association. I spotted her as she stood at mass registration, costumed in belly dancing apparel, promoting beginner lessons for Janet Delpierre. Always on the prowl for new blood, I assumed that if she was willing to stand there in full view with coins linked to her midriff, then she must surely be willing to join the drama club. I must be psychic.

Rochon is suited for stage for one reason anyway; she aspires to be a model. She was recently in an online contest and had done some amateur runway modeling in Tumbler Ridge when she was younger.

To the advantage of Grizzly Valley Players, she was available and eager to get her feet wet in her first public production, ?Ghosts of the Titanic?. Rochon played the role of ghost tour guide, Lady Duff-Gordon who was far from an example of compassionate humanitarian on the ill-fated trip.

She seemed well-prepared for the part and hopefully this will be the first of many roles she takes on with the adult acting company. Stage is stage, whether you?re getting photographed or speaking lines. One may seem more daunting to different individuals, however it is all about the fame. And when Rochon becomes a dancer-actor-model and leaves Tumbler Ridge for the bright lights of Hollywood, perhaps she will remember her salad days in Tumbler Ridge.

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