Theatre Profile: Barb Schuerkamp

Many local residents know Barb Schuerkamp as one of our treasured Emergency Room nurses, hopefully not because you?ve had to be there in a serious way. She is a spitfire with a laugh bigger than she is.

Barb started out her dramatic beginnings as part of a family that had her own little shadow. Barb is a twin and it can be hard to fathom that there might be two of these humourous and characteristically sarcastic women in the same country, never mind the planet. That?s not to say that she and her twin are alike, but double the trouble would be interesting to see!

Barb did some high school drama, as many of our thespians have and even took on some directing. That certainly shows in her personality even now. She has a mission and nothing gets in her way.

As well as joining Grizzly valley Players in its first year, Barb has been part of the Community Choir for many years as a soprano.

Barb attributes her interest in arts and culture due to exposure to many different elements in her childhood. She plays piano and took dance, as well as other athletic and academic pursuits.

Barb currently serves as a director for the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council. She has a son and daughter, both grown and living on their own. She is often left with her crazy cat and perhaps that inspires some of her zany characterizations while on stage.

Barb is known for her role reversal with the Review Crew, more recently as Dr. Helmut, a parody of someone she works with. Hmm, I?m not entirely sure who that could be. No matter, he reciprocated with playing her as Nurse Scumrat. As well, Barb played a mad scientist in last years? successful Tumbler Ridge Terrifying Tombs and Haunted House and this past season was the lead character of Cinderella in Tale of the Glass Slipper.