Theatre Profile ? Brian Sipe

The shock and awe that was eminent during Brian Sipe?s acting debut as Prince Charming in ?Tale of the Glass Slipper? was memorable. His facial expressions, excellent costumes and hamming abilities were far from understated and were extremely appreciated by the audience and director.

Sipe came to Tumbler Ridge in 2002 from Calgary, Alberta. Always active in his community, he currently belongs to many organizations, including: Hospice and Palliative Care, 49 Forever, Knights of Columbus, and Community Choir to name a few. He also serves as President for TR Cares and Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC). He also manages TR Thrift Store and TR Flyer Service. He is a busy guy, to say the least.

Sipe may strike you as a rather serious man for the most part, however he has an impish charm that you will be surprised comes out during his performances especially. He has an articulate wit and an objective sense of humor all around. He is also an idea man and leader by nature and on occasion, this director has to remind him that he is not running the group! He takes it all very good-naturedly, but rarely without a whimsical last word.

As President of TRCAC, Sipe has done a lot of work to try and bring together innovative new opportunities for arts and culture. His performing with the Community Choir and now with Grizzly Valley Players has strengthened his firsthand knowledge of arts and culture in action. You know the adage about those in charge ? those who can?t do it, coach it. Sipe has moved from coaching arts and culture to becoming a participant and he seems comfortable with it. But you couldn?t tell from his curtain call following the play, as he came out and bowed and bowed again. Would you like some ham with your grill cheese? Welcome to the spotlight, Brian!