Theatre Profile ? Charissa Tonnesen

If you attended ?Tale of the Glass Slipper? you will certainly remember Charissa Tonnesen. She was the brave actress who donned a bed sheet and sandals with a wand to bring the Fairy Godmother to the stage. She is one of Tumbler Ridge?s two pharmacists and she has been trying to live down her celebrity.

Tonnesen hails from Fort St. John where she and fellow owner Mike Ortynski also own another People?s Drug Mart. The two alternate weeks of working between both stores and while Tonnesen spends her week in Tumbler Ridge, she is busy with many activities, including the adult community choir and in the adult drama company, Grizzly Valley Players.

She jokes that the director for the club, who needed a Fairy Godmother for the Cinderella play, more or less forced her into the adult theatre group. She agreed, hesitant at first, but seems to be having a good time none-the-less.

Her background in performing arts is with both the Fort St. John Choir as well as the local choir in Tumbler Ridge, and aside from her recent acting with Grizzly Valley Players, she had also done some acting in very early days, on one occasion as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It would seem she keeps being put into leading roles, despite her modesty about her skills. On more than one occasion she has been coaxed into taking part of a production, only to become one of the leads.

Tonnesen is also an accomplished musician, playing acoustic and classical guitar, as well as formerly playing the saxophone. While choosing to be a member of a choir in the past, surrounded by other voices, she was encouraged to sing solo for her church while attending University. Tonnesen is currently an alto in the Tumbler Ridge Adult Community Choir.

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