Theatre Profile: Faunne & Cora MacLaren

These are two young girls with a lot of energy. They come from Logan?s Lake, BC and have had some note-worthy experience in the spotlight. Both girls have performed in two musical theatre productions, ?Zippity Doo Da? and ?Blame It On The B ? performing in front of 1500 people for each of two performances.

Faunne, ten, is particularly fond of beautiful, flowing costumes. She says she loves acting and had to sing and dance in the Dance Gallery, which was a school in Logan?s Lake. Faunne was a bit shy when she joined Theatre On The Ridge, but attributed that to being a new face in the community and after a short period, she took off like gangbusters.

Cora, eight, is the one with a mischievous glint in her eye and is quick to climb, vault and cartwheel every place she can. Oddly enough, she reminds me of the director of the drama club. Cora spouted the same sentiment, when asked what she liked best about drama, that she loves acting.

In the production of ?Tale of the Glass Slipper?, performed on Sunday, June 19th, Faunne played a bubbly bird and Cora played Cinderella?s dog, Moonbeam. This concludes the series on the Young People?s Drama for theatre On the Ridge 2005. Please look for us at Mass Registration in September.

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Congratulations to both companies on their successful season.