I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. When I was in grade two, my teacher let us listen to the soundtrack from Bambi and the line, ?If you can?t say nuthin nice about someone, don?t say nuthin at all? stuck with me. So, with that in mind, let me ask a question, ?What type of person would steal the tricycle of a physically and mentally handicapped 54 year old woman??

Let me introduce you to Thelma. Thelma has lived with these cerebral palsy and mental handicap her entire life. The tricycle gives her the freedom to feel independent for short periods of time while providing excellent exercise. This tricycle was gift from her brothers and sister to replace her other tricycle which was stolen and destroyed last year. The new tricycle was purchased locally through Dan?s Outdoor shop with Thelma?s input. Last year Thelma even rode her new tricycle in the Grizzly Valley Days Parade.

Thelma?s new bike was stolen the night before Grizfest from a garage. Thelma was told about the theft in the morning at breakfast and she was very disappointed. The bike was recovered undamaged Monday morning, but her helmet was never recovered.

So, to whoever stole Thelma?s tricycle (even though it was only for two days), next time you decide to take something that doesn?t belong to you, remember you may be taking something far more important. You may be taking someone?s eyes, legs, independence or even their life.