Theory of a Deadman

Rocking the stage at this year?s Grizfest on August 3, 2008.

This Vancouver trio consists of Tyler Connolly ? vocals/guitar, Dean Back ? bass, and David Brenner ? guitar. Their music has a vast range from the swirling grind of their song ?By the Way? to the nasty snarl of their song ?Crutch? to the soaring melodicism of ?Not Meant to Be?. With songs like this, the Trio has been put back high in the rock pantheon, achieving creative growth without sacrificing the hard-hitting power that got them to where they are today. The longer they stay together as a band, the better they get.

Although the band started out sounding a bit callous with Connolly?s rock and roll king of pain attitude, they have started to explore brand new lyrical terrain, indicative of Connolly?s growth as a person and a songwriter. He just wants to write some different, nicer songs for a change, and writing songs that are ?just for fun?.

This band is charged with a potent force that fans love to eat up thanks to the fire power that crackles in these rockers and bristling with the kind of primal, super-charged defiance that has long defined the best of rock. Catch Theory of a Deadman rocking live at Grizfest on August 3 at 9:00 pm. For more information contact 250-242-4246 or visit our website at