These Rangers are all from Tumbler Ridge? You didn’t bus any in?

Lynsey Kitching


With a group of 29 registered Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR), and more coming every day, the group is looking for some space in the newly purchased building by the district on Willow Dr. to house their meetings and some of their equipment.

Angela Robertson, adult committee chair for the JCR read a letter to council stating, “The aim of the JCR is to provide a structured youth program that teaches tradition local culture, life skills and ranger skills in remote communities of Canada.”

JCR has had a presence here in Tumbler Ridge since 2003 and have outgrown the space that has been available for them, and don’t have a regular meeting area. “We would love to have a regular meeting spot for our supplies and instructional material,” says Robertson.

The JCP gather every other week for scheduled meetings, regular outings, trail clean ups, team building and other activities.

The whole crew came in to ask council for a place to rest their hats, and their presence was impactful. “The numbers we see here today is definitely a reflection of the leadership of this group, it has definitely grown over the last year. Fantastic job and fantastic program for the kids in our area,” says Councillor Mackay.

The group has gone on excursion to places like Queen Charlotte Island and last year they traveled to Prince George to go skiing along with other fun activities. Glenn Miller does most of the outings with the group.

He says, “The community has been good to us. The community centre, youth centre, the high school. When we had four or five people it worked out great. But last Monday, the only room was room one at the community centre, if anyone knows about room one, it didn’t work out too well.”

Miller explains the group is very respectful of their provided spaces saying, “Of all the places we’ve been we leave the place as good as we found it, if not better. Make sure it’s all cleaned up.”

At JCR there has been a lot of parents getting involved as well and the organizers are trying to put together a solid program which includes teaching the youth life skills, traditional skills and ranger skills.

Mayor Wren thanked the group for coming out and says, “This is a good opportunity with the building on Willow with a lot of additional space on property if we need to add storage facilities. This is exactly why we purchased Willow and it’s very exciting. As the operational plan of Willow moves forward, we will be certain to include the Junior Rangers.”