They say, ‘Do one thing every day that scares you…’

Lynsey Kitching

Brains: Fawn Pack was a rather terrifying zombie at this year's haunted house.
The second I asked my roommates if they wanted to come to the haunted house with me, I knew I was in trouble. Having an imagination that has the potential to take over the small but mighty rational part of my brain, the thought of putting myself in a situation where there could be zombies, serial killers and freaky characters … I immediately regretted my decision, because now, I had to go.
I couldn’t be the one to chicken out, to say, ‘no no, I don’t think this is for me guys, I’ve changed my mind, have fun.’ I’m a tough girl, I can handle it, I repeat this to myself as my heart  beats out of my chest and my stomach starts to feel woozy.
The creepy guy full with a mask and beady red eyes taking the money, and the shrieks and screams heard from behind the walls and covered windows, was a little much for me. What if real zombies have taken over? What if someone in costume is really a crazy killer and is hiding the dead bodies somewhere in there? No one would know! What if I get all worked up and end up punching some innocent person because they got too close?
The completely irrational thoughts swirled around in my brain as we waited for the lineup of youngsters to go in ahead of us. Being the oldest one in line at 28 (which I know is not ‘old’ but I am an adult), I seemed to be the most scared.
The man with the freaky voice and scary face said we were next, but we could only go, “Two at a time…whahahaha.” Why is he laughing? What does he know that I don’t know?
Blast! This two at a time thing was a real hitch in my survival plan to be in the middle of our group of four. With only two of us, there is a way bigger chance I will get murdered! Finally we were up. I grabbed Mikey’s arm (he’s my partner), and slowly walked toward the entrance.
Clenching onto his arm we slowly wandered into the first room. The scene was pitch black with the occasional strobe effect, with real scary music playing, this made it impossible to hear if anyone was coming behind you or was lurking in front. The first area looked empty; I had a moment’s reprieve that maybe this experience wouldn’t be so bad, but then, “AHHHH!” I hear from my partner and I turn around.
Creepy guy with a chainsaw at 12 o’clock!
I scream, “BAHHHH,” and start to run.
I ran into the next dark room, still grabbing onto Mikey’s arm. “BAHHH!” A creepy guy jumps out at me and the others are following us!
“Keep moving!” I yell to Mikey.
We turn the next corner and there’s Freddy! Complete with his wrinkly face and sharp metal fingers that could slash me in two.
“AHHHHHHHH!” We both yell.
Suddenly, we are surrounded by bad guys: Freddy! Jason! Chucky! Some dude with red hair that I don’t even recognize! Every which way I turned there was no way out! Terrified I yell to Mikey, “Where do we go!?”
I see him take a look around and as the bad guys were all around us and getting closer every second, he says, “That way, I think the exit is that way!”
He pulls my arm and we start running. As we turn the corner I encounter one of my biggest fears, a zombie. Having been watching the Walking Dead for the last few months my zombie tolerance has gone up, however I do know how dangerous they are and have had many dreams about how they can be defeated.
As we approach, the zombie starts moving towards us. We start to move faster. I turn around and see all the bad guys and ghouls still following us. They’re relentless!
Then, like a beacon of life, I see the bright red exit sign and pray it’s not just a decoy. I sprint to the door with my heart pounding, zombies and killers chasing me. I reach for the doors and press the handle with all my might. It opens and I get a slap of cold snowy air in the face to pull me out of my terrified state.
The door closes behind us and I finally feel safe, with a pinch of the rush left over from the fright.