?Third and Long? Author Visits Tumbler Ridge

Writing about small town life on the Prairies is a passion of Chris Fisher, and it is this passion that has produced three books. His latest, ?Third and Long? is a compilation of works by this Lumsden, Saskatchewan writer. Fisher, who has three kids moved to Lumsden, from Regina, so his children could experience small town life, although Chris? own workdays are spent in the Regina, running the computer department for the city.

Fisher?s first short story collection, Sun Angel, was published in 1992. This book won the Saskatchewan Book Awards? Publishers Prize. In 1999, his second collection ?Voices in the Wilderness? was published. Fisher?s third book ?Third and Long? was released this spring and is filled with humour, honesty and insight into small town life. The book is dedicated, ?To Danny and Denny, for the life lessons through sport. One taught me passion; the other perspective.? And this book is filled with both passion and perspective.

Besides writing, Fisher is involved with writing education. In 2000 Chris participated in the initial Banff Wired Writing Studio and is now in his fourth year as Faculty Technical Advisor for this program. Fisher?s books are also used as part of the High School curriculum in Saskatchewan, which gives him an opportunity to speak at many High Schools around the province.

?One of the reasons I enjoy coming to Tumbler Ridge is the people,? says Fisher. ?They have an appreciation for the small town stories that I tell. The people in Tumbler Ridge can relate to my stories, they have the same sense of humor.? Looking at the 20 plus people who were on hand for the book signing, there was definitely a humour connection. There were at least eight people present who were from Saskatchewan originally. ?A small town, is a small town?, says an audience member who was born and raised in Saskatchewan, ?I live in Tumbler Ridge now and the scenery may be different, but the dynamics are the same here as the small town I came from on the Prairies.?