Three bears destroyed in the community

Three bears were destroyed over the past few days in Tumbler Ridge; a sow and cub at a residence on Wolverine and a large boar at a residence on Peace River Cres.

The RCMP and the Conservation Officer Service did an excellent job in responding quickly to the threat to public safety. We should all feel privileged to have such dedicated professionals looking after our community. Many thanks to Cst. Jenkins, Cst. Graham, Cst Thorne of the RCMP and Brad Lacey of the Conservation Officer Service.

For those of you that may have misinterpreted the mandate of the Bear Aware program, let me be very clear: our mandate is to reduce human/bear conflict through educating the public and working with municipalities.

If you are leaving attractants around your yard, you are putting your own safety and the safety of people around you at risk.

These bears were destroyed in people?s back yards. All of the bears were baited into these yards by the numerous attractants left around by the residents of the areas involved. Garbage, uncared for fruit trees and berry bushes as well as a variety of other attractants were all present in the involved areas.

There is not some invisible force field that somehow protects Tumbler Ridge from the tragedies that are going on all over the country regarding bear attacks. It can happen anywhere that humans and bears live together. It can happen here unless we all start taking some responsibility for our garbage and other domestic attractants.

There are a lot of bears around Tumbler Ridge this year (between 7 – 10 resident bears plus rogue bears wandering through as well). The increased wildlife activity may be the result of the amount of natural resource harvesting going on around us. This activity displaces bears from their home ranges and they follow their noses to where they think the can find some food.

Straight into your yard.

The town is growing, industry is growing around us that are not going to change so let?s all wake up and smell the coffee: we are going to be seeing more and more bears passing through here.

What are you as a resident going to do about it?

Yes Uncle Kurt and the boys can come a runnin? with their finger on the trigger but by that time, the bear is already at your residence! Maybe someone has already been hurt or worse.

We are missing the step of prevention. If I put a lure on a hook, I expect to catch a fish. If I leave bear attractants around my yard well….

Are we going to keep ignoring this public safety issue and doing nothing until someone gets hurt?

It is the responsibility of the community of Tumbler Ridge to deal with the issue of garbage and domestic bear attractants before my article starts with ?There was a tragic and preventable death last night….?

?Till next week, bear with me.