Three projects for the price of two at golf course

Lynsey Kitching


Construction started abruptly at the golf course last week with a backhoe clearing room for the new public golf cart storage and causing a bit of a stir.

The projects that have taken motion include the new storage space by the lookout beside the parking lot, as well as the spaces for the RV sites.

There was $100,000 in the project budget for the RV site and the cart storage building budget is $120,000. Because these projects came in under the assessment, a third project of fixing up the current golf cart storage space will also be completed.

Ken Klickash, the Building Official, created the design for the building and determined the location. Barry Elliott explained, “We are able to do both of those things, we are also able to go back to the existing cart storage area, within the budget for this two projects, and actually get three projects done. The third is the repair of the existing cart storage area. That will be happening probably after these first two are done. That will take care of a number of issues in there, including water leakage and deterioration. That area will be available for our fleet of vehicles.”

Hank Rahn and his crew have been contracted out to do the work clearing the area for the new infrastructure. Onsite he explained the RV sites will be 20 by 40 feet in size, and will not have any hookup capabilities. There will be about eight stalls.

On the day construction started, some golf course staff and members were a little confused as to what was going on and why they weren’t consulted about the placement of the new golf cart storage area.

In response to these concerns Elliott says, “The staff were involved in the budget items. I don’t know how they may not feel they were consulted. If you look within our budget the department heads were certainly involved,” he continues, “I left that primarily with the building official to determine the location, and he based that on the preferred location, which I approved, on the availability of electrical services. It’s adjacent to the parking area.”

Some folks are also concerned about the new golf cart storage ruining the viewpoint which currently exists there.

In response to these concerns, Elliott explains, “I know there is a viewpoint there that is very important to the golfers and the community. That will be maintained and respected. It may even be enhanced, but that’s not in the works at this juncture. We have tried to locate these things in areas that made sense administratively and economically.”