Thrift Store: Ceasing Involvement with Tumbler Ridge Flyer Delivery Service

The flyer service in Tumbler Ridge will soon have a new operator. As of October 1st 2007, the Thrift Shop will no longer run this service. Since it?s closure in March 2007, The Thrift Store continued with it?s flyer delivery program, a weekly service residents of Tumbler Ridge depend on.

When the Salvation Army Corps left Tumbler Ridge around 2002, The Ministerial Association took on the task of running the Thrift Store. Brian Sipe, who had recently moved to Tumbler Ridge, was approached by the association to run the store. Sipe ran a thrift shop for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Calgary for a period of ten years. ?Word got around?, he said, ?that I had the skills and knowledge of running a store?. Sipe agreed to run the thrift store as a volunteer until 2005. He stepped down when he joined Town Council.

The Thrift Store provided many services to the community of Tumbler Ridge. It was a non-profit organization and proceeds went directly to persons in need within the community. It was involved in a variety of community outreach programs including Christmas Hampers and emergency food and clothing assistance. In January, 2005 the thrift store bought the rights to the TR Flyer Delivery Service. The Thrift Store felt having the TR Flyer Delivery service would enhance their ability to do more community outreach within Tumbler Ridge, explained Sipe.

It soon became apparent that a manager was necessary to organize the service, help with the assembly of the flyers and organize the carriers. Having the Thrift Store as the main contact was more effective for parties involved with the delivery service. It was easier to have the one contact, rather than having to deal with individual carriers.

The Thrift Store started producing flyers for local businesses. It was very effective one stop shopping. Businesses could get flyers produced and placed in the bag for delivery and the Thrift Shop earned money on both transactions.

The TR Flyer Delivery service did run smoothly and did develop new ways to earn money, but it was not a business that earned a lot of money over and above it?s operating costs. Sipe explained that about 68% of the money brought in by the flyer service went directly to the manager and the carriers. There was only 20% available for distribution to persons in need. The 20% was divided equally between the orphanage in Kenya and local projects in Tumbler Ridge, like emergency food assistance.

The Thrift Store has been closed now for almost a year. Losing the space at Claude Galibois School has made it difficult to run the flyer delivery service efficiently. It has also become increasingly difficult to find reliable carriers as young people today are lured by the potential of earning more money in other areas, said Sipe. It has been nearly two years of hard work and the Thrift Store thanks you for your support, but it will no longer run the TR Flyer Delivery Service.

**As of October 3rd 2007, Tumbler Ridge News will be taking over the flyer delivery service in Tumbler Ridge.**