Thrift Store Grand Opening

Some people may have gotten a sneak peak at the TR Thrift Store as it had permanently moved location in mid-January, but held its grand opening on Saturday, February 4th.

Lions Club was on hand to make burgers and hot dogs as people filed in and out of the Claude Galibois Centre, once an elementary school that is being leased by Renaissance Canada, Inc. of the Wilderness Ministries.

People swarmed the class rooms that now house clothing, a children?s play area, toys, electronics, furniture and appliances as well as several areas for preparation and even a visitor?s lounge of sorts. The former staff room has a couple of couches, table, stove, microwave, washer and dryer, all for the comfort of those who wish to come by and chat, staff and non-staff alike. Laundry services are necessary and limited to the clothing that is donated to the store.

The thrift store is a retail business, which benefits causes such as emergency food and other supplies, projects in Kenya, such as assistance to orphans, as well as community and church activities. They are recognized for such annual projects as the Christmas Hamper Fund.

New to the thrift store is the whole premise of being able to find a pleasing selection of items without much effort. The spacious display areas are accommodating the multitude of items that the store was previously unable to put out simultaneously.

The creativeness of how the store has effectively used the space from School District 59 is excellent, with constructed movable fixtures on casters and assembled with pegboard to create even more display and hanging space.

Another luxury that the store has never been afforded before is liberty to store seasonal items in an organized and easy-to-find capacity. Seasonal constitutes winter and summer or special occasions like Christmas, Easter and Halloween clothing and items.

In keeping with a major reason for the need of this store, you will find two cupboards used for canned and non-perishable food, ready for those in peril and needing it. These items are donated from the public and some left over from the Mayor?s Food Drive and Christmas Hamper project. TR Thrift Store welcomes customers, volunteers, visitors and helpers from all walks of life to help carry out their Christian-based mission to help those suffering and in need. Contact 242-4401.