Thrift Store makes donation to Food Bank

Sherry Berringer


The Tumbler Ridge Thrift Store is strengthening its commitment to help the needy of this town by donating $500 to the Tumbler Ridge Food Bank.

The idea for a Thrift Store came about last year. The Tumbler Ridge Fellowship Baptist Church formed a committee to discuss how that was going to happen. Several meetings later when some of the organization began to take shape, the Thrift Store was ready to go. However, our plans and agreement to rent a space dragged on.

Eventually, after many delays in finding a rental space, the committee decided to have the Thrift Store in the foyer of the church. After this decision was made in January, it took just a short month to get it off the ground.

Donations came in quickly and volunteers were ready to set up shop with most of the clothes displayed on tables and one round rack for hanging clothes. As the month went by, the thrift store was able to buy more racks and display more clothes.

Volunteers work at the Thrift Store on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is open from 9-1 and 6-9 on Wednesdays and from 10 until 4 on Saturdays.

The Thrift Store is not being operated as a money making venture but as a community service, and so the prices are kept very low. We do need to cover our heat, light and other expenses in order to operate, so excess dollars will go back into the community.

If you need or just want low cost clothing, coats, belts, scarves, toques, boots, shoes, bedding or curtains, come visit and see what we have available. If money is an issue, we discreetly allow items for free. Then if people wish, they can make a donation to the church when they are able, but this is not necessary.

We are planning a giant yard sale on Saturday, April 25, 2015. We will also be holding a bag sale. A grocery bag full for $5.00 and a large garbage bag full for $10.00. We will have free coffee, early bird prizes and door prizes. We are basically overstocked and really need to sell/give away a lot of merchandise, especially since we will be putting away the winter stock and bringing out the summer clothing. If you have items to donate to the yard sale, please bring them to the Thrift Store from 10am to 2 pm on Friday, April 24. The yard sale will be in the parking lot of the Baptist Church/Thrift Store. Hope to see you there!