Challenging herself for the first time

Trent Ernst, Editor
The Tina Geer that you’ll see atop Babcock Mountain is not the Tina Geer that you would have seen one year ago.  
“Over the last seven months I’ve lost 93 lbs. I want to keep toning and shaping.”
Geer says she signed up for the Emperor’s Challenge sight (and site) unseen. “When I signed up, I knew that it was here in Tumbler Ridge and that Doctor Helm was one of the people who put it on. I thought how bad can it be if the doctor is promoting it? Then I realized that it brought him business, she joked.”
Geer says that getting ready for the Emperor’s Challenge is the first time she’s really done exercise since she graduated high school in the mid-1990s. She’s been doing as much walking as she can in preparation for the Emperor’s Challenge, from quick walks down town to the Flatbed Loops on Monday Nights with the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society. “Doctor Helm mentioned it to me, and I’ve been there regularly. I’ve only missed three weeks. When the girls were in town, I was trying to do little hikes with them every weekend…I’m as ready as I’m going to be for this.”
Monday night marks the last Flatbed Loops training session, which Geer and her training partners Candice Bellows and Bri Floberg attend. “Each week at flatbed, we get faster. Last week we did it in 19:06.” Geer is hoping to come in faster for the last run before the Challenge, but doesn’t want to push herself too hard. “It would be a shame to get injured so close to the race.”
Her goal for the race is to finish in between three and four hours. “Our dentist said he did it in 4:10 and I want to beat him I’ve ever so focused on speed and distance. I know I can’t do it in less than three, but four is okay. I’m going to jog as much as possible on the downhill sections to make up time for the uphill.”
Geer says she wants to take the gains she’s made over the last year and keep working on getting fitter. Part of the reason is to model a healthy lifestyle for her children. “I want to keep my children active so they don’t get out of shape. I don’t want them to have the health issues that being overweight can cause. “