Tis the season to get rich?

Hands up, those of you planning to spend December in sober contemplation of your growing nest-egg and your family?s future financial security! More probably, if you?re like a lot of Canadians, the only plan is to try and survive the frenzy of consumption and smoking-hot credit card use that has become the norm in the so-called festive season.

Yes, yes, we know this is supposed to be a time for family and for celebrating core values and for reflection on things like where we?re going in our lives ? but come on! With all the shopping and partying and mounting bills and dwindling bank accounts to worry about, who has time to think about the things that matter, especially the future?

Well fortunately, Emanuel Arruda is one person who thinks all the time, not just in December, about the things that matter ? values, families, their financial security and their futures. Manny, as he is known, immigrated to Canada as a little boy some thirty-odd years ago from a little island off the coast of Portugal. ?My father taught me that honesty and the value of hard work and commitment to family are the things that really matter,? says Manny. ?He supported our family as a building caretaker. I grew up helping my dad look after apartment buildings in Rexdale, a small suburb of Toronto.?

Today Manny lives in Victoria and manages, with his partner Adam Gant, a substantial portfolio of apartment buildings, office buildings, and shopping malls. He manages them for a growing number of ordinary Canadians who are Member-Partners in a unique business that is allowing them to build a financially secure future for themselves and their families through shared ownership in large and lucrative real estate properties.

Real estate has always been what the wealthy invested in, making more and more money. For ordinary people it has not been so easy. Real estate investing typically takes specialized expertise, a lot of time and, of course, lots of money to start with.

Not anymore

With the business model adopted by Manny and Adam, ordinary Canadians can come to the table without specialized expertise and without a lot of time, because the organization provides these key ingredients.

As for the money, the organization is able to secure the kind of real estate financing that ordinary Canadians could never hope to access. But, ordinary Canadians can access and leverage those resources with relatively small amounts of their own savings.

With a minimal investment, individuals can become full-fledged Member-Partners in League Assets, a company that acquires serious real estate in various parts of Canada, particularly in the very strong British Columbia and Alberta markets.

Investments are targeted to grow at about 15% a year, according to League?s legal offering documents. Compare that to what your GICs, or your broker, will get you.

?And all with no tenant complaints in the middle of the night, no vacancy worries and no need to know the complexities of building renovation and municipal regulations, because we take care of all those headaches,? says Manny Arruda.

But the truly unique thing about League is its extraordinary commitment to ethical corporate behaviour, socially-responsible business goals, and the financial future of its Member-Partners and their families. To see for yourself, take a tour around League?s website at www.league.ca and see how much space is devoted to its credo, its commitments, its Investment Guarantee.

Or, call up Manny (1-877-772-8836) and have a chat about the things that really matter in life. You may even get a good old-fashioned seasonal glow from the experience.