Local author and playwright Tracy Krauss takes Shakespeare on a trip to the Wild West in a two-act play that is anything but the typical western

The Western Tale, a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, has a western setting, characters and theme. In the play, Big Leo and Doc Xavier have been friends since boyhood, until Big Leo’s suspicious nature convinces him his wife, Ramona, and the Doc are having an affair. Following the original story line, he takes her to court where she collapses – apparently dead. He banishes her newly born baby in the wilderness to die, but his loyal ranch hand, Gus, secretly saves the child who is raised by some local squatters.

Fast forward sixteen years, and ‘Pearl’ (Leo’s daughter) falls in love with Doc Xavier’s son. You can guess the rest… In the end, Leo repents, Ramona reappears, everyone is reunited and they all live happily ever after. True to the original Shakespearean version, the play is a comedy but there are also some dark dramatic moments. The famous ‘bear scene’ remains, and Father Time has been transformed into a traveling ‘snake oil salesman’ named Otto, who also functions as the narrator.

The Western Tale is Krauss’ third release with JAC Publishing, her first being a Wizard of Oz- based full-length play called Dorothy’s Road Trip, and another one-act called Little Red in the Hood, teaching a lesson about honesty and staying true to oneself.

Krauss is also the author of ‘edgy inspirational’ fiction—stories from a Christian worldview that also strive for realism and authenticity. Her most recent novel is Wind Over Marshdale, which was released as an e-Book earlier this year. Other novels include And the Beat Goes On, My Mother the Man-Eater, and Play it Again.

When not writing, Krauss teaches at TRSS. She grew up in small town Saskatchewan (a fictional version of her hometown formed the backdrop for Wind Over Marshdale) and received her Bachelor of Education Degree in Saskatoon with majors in Art, English and History.