To The Residents of TR

I was absolutely disgusted beyond words to come home on Tuesday. June 13th and find a golf club over our front gate on the pavement. I?m making an obvious assumption here, but I suspect it was thrown at my dogs. Even if it wasn?t, it certainly could have hit one of them as they do go to the gate when a person approaches. It?s their job to let people know that they are not welcome in my yard when I?m not there .And by the same token, it is they who help make your close-by houses safer from vandals, bears and other unwanted wildlife.

When I am home, I keep my dogs very quiet but there are times when I must go out and it is their yard to live in. The only time they may get agitated is when a person comes to the gate or a dog passes by. I see countless dogs wandering the streets at all hours and that seems to be OK but a helpless animal inside of a gate gets a golf club thrown at them.

What kind of thoughtless jerk does this? Is this adult or child? Either way there needs to be some basic compassion taught or learned on all levels here. If this was a young person who finds this funny or even sillier, thought this would quiet barking dogs, then parents get out of your own self-involved lives for a moment and find out what the kids are doing in this community. Teach a child to respect animals. I certainly don?t come to your house and hurl metal objects at your family. This stuff starts early in life and leads right into a worse thought – that an adult would do this. All hope is lost for a community filled with adults who would ever do this or condone it.

And on the very rare chance that this golf club flew over my fence with nobody attached, then anyone missing a Playmaker metal driver (Canadian Tire brand) I dare you to come to my front door and ask for it. There may be a baseball bat I?m willing to ?toss? your way.

Rest assured my trusted neighbors are now keeping an eye on our yard and will gladly identify you in the future.

Erin Hanna