Top Alberta Crane Apprenticeship Award to Hometown Man

Cameron Hood, an employee of LAPRAIRIE CRANE, was named the Top Alberta Crane Apprentice for 2007. The award was presented to Cam at the 11th Annual Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Awards ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta on February 8th, 2008. Cam was selected from 55 apprentices who were honoured for achieving the highest overall marks in their final period of training. Cam?s employer, LAPRAIRIE CRANE, is extremely proud of Cam?s career achievement.

Cameron Hood was raised in Tumbler Ridge, completing his high school education at TR Secondary in 2002. His parents, Cam, Sr. and Kathy Hood, have been residents of Tumbler Ridge since 1982 when they arrived for the construction phase of Tumbler Ridge. His father worked for LaPrairie Crane for many years in the fleet maintenance shop at the company?s shop facilities in Tumbler Ridge?s Heavy Industrial Park.

Cameron says that entering the crane business was a natural progression: ?I?ve kind of been steered in this direction my whole life. I?ve been around heavy equipment for most of it.?

Following the completion of his high school diploma at TR Secondary, Cam joined LAPRAIRIE CRANE as a 1st year apprentice, and was transferred to its Fort McMurray branch shortly thereafter.

Reagan LaPrairie, Vice-President of LAPRAIRIE CRANE, said, ?I?ve been training guys for the last 25 years. He was one of the quickest learning apprentices I have ever had. He just picked it up naturally and excelled at it. Cam seems to have a photographic memory; you show him once, and it sticks with him. He has the right temperament for the challenges that the crane business can bring. He?s a great employee.?

LAPRAIRIE CRANE has been continuously involved with both Alberta?s and BC?s apprenticeship training programs for the past 25 years. Since starting its western operations in Tumbler Ridge in 1982, LAPRAIRIE CRANE has provided crane apprenticeships and rigging training courses to several graduates of TR Secondary and local residents of Tumbler Ridge.

?Many of the core employees in our operations and management were either original residents of Tumbler Ridge and/or graduates of TR Secondary. Several of our employees working in our branches in Fort McMurray, Fort St. John, and Grimshaw have family ties in Tumbler Ridge and still consider it their hometown,? added Roachelle LaPrairie, Controller.

Scott LaPrairie, CEO and President, is very proud of Cam?s career achievements and the recognition he has received as the 2007 Top Alberta Crane Apprentice. ?LAPRAIRIE CRANE prides itself on being able to provide its customers with quality, certified hoisting engineers and supervisors with extensive lift experience. We make long-term commitments to our core group of employees and promote from within our existing operations. Our hoisting engineers have all received specific training for the various industrial settings we work in. LAPRAIRIE CRANE?s indentured apprentices are carefully selected and our operating philosophies and safety mandates are re-enforced early in an operator?s training. We are very pleased that the 2007 Alberta Apprentice Award was presented to our employee Cam Hood. It is quite an accomplishment!?