Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs

The life of a seismic line cutter will get you in great physical condition in winter or summer, packing all your tools of the trade. Tools you are packing a good size power-saw to do the job, a hard-hat (with ear muffs, face shield and ear muffs, power-saw pants (this is not just any kind of pants, it has to be WCB standards, these are semi water proof and are able to resist a cut from the power-saw that you use), at least couple of wedges (in case you need to fall a tree towards a certain direction), an axe (of legal size, weight and length), a high visible vest, a good pair boots (steel toes, have material that will be up to WCB Standards for the job, water-proof would be nice too) a good pair of snow shoes.

In order to be a Lead Cutter you must possess a grandfather cutting ticket (this means that you have worked your way up to this position from being a line cutter and a packer, packer being the bottom end of the totem pole). The lead cutter usually also possesses a dangerous tree faller?s ticket ( danger tree faller is a person who hold a ticket for falling snags and dangerously positioned trees, this person has proven to do this type of job in a safe way). These people also have other tickets to do this type of work, as in Global Positioning System (GPS) tickets, safety first aid, and many others that are needed.

When cutting a tree down, you must know where all your co-workers are, you have to look after yourself and your partners. In all respects, you have to all look after each other, at all times. This is a dangerous job; someone can be hurt at any moment. You have to do all of your work in a very safe manner. You are falling trees in all types of terrain and may have hangers, which have to be down on the ground to be safe and bucked up to specified lengths.

The Line Cutter comes behind the Lead Cutter, cutting up trees that are cut down by the lead cutter. He (line cutter) also falls some of the trees that need to be cut down, may be missed or left for him to do. They all help one another to get the job done.

The Packer is at the back of the line and also helps up front to make a trail for the lead cutter on some occasion (like in deep snow), to make the lead cutter?s job a little easier, (It was said before, all help each other to make the work a little easier for all involved) and have the gas and oil ahead of the lead cutter. The Packer also has to make sure the cut-line is clear of debris so there are no hazards for anyone walking the cut-line.

I should also mention that women fill all these positions, working along side of the men; Equality!!!

Now you have a general Idea of this part of the work-force. This is just a small portion of this type of work.