Working in the village is quite Interesting. Having worked in a village gave me some insight into what the workers have to do within the village boundaries. There is much to know of the things to do, this is why we have good leaders within the communities.

A person has to be versatile to do this type of work. The person involved in this type of work should be a quick learner. The person should know how to operate many types of equipment from truck driving, operating of a grader, operating a rubber tired back-hoe, to operating of a lawn mower ( multi-cutting to a push type of lawn-mower ), be mechanically inclined to maintain this equipment, use tools, able to weld, cut boards , use a hammer, a shovel, etc.

They look after all the community from cleaning streets to mowing lawns at the cemetery, sometimes even fixing of streets when needed, watering of plants that are a pride of the town, removing the snow from the streets and sidewalks, though out the town, making sure all the public accesses as safe as possible. Taking care of water and sewer systems (from repairs to reading and recording of meters) There are so many other things to be done in a town.

Most of the people working in cities and towns are certified to do certain types of work. These are like any other jobs, certification is needed to maintain a city or village. Special people with special skills are needed to do the work that needs to be done. They have the knowledge to maintain the town or city.

The people do all that is possible to help us get to work by plowing and sanding the roads in the winter.

I?m sure I have missed quite a few points in working in the community, as I have only worked in a small village for one summer. I hope that I have helped a bit in understanding the work-force of our communities. I thought I would give it a try.

Thank you for taking the time to read ?Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs?