Hauling Kimberlitic ore for the diamond mines have many benefits and interests.

You get to see the North, experience the cold, the white-outs (you stop where-ever you may end ?up on the roads and not move until you are told or the conditions ease off) see herds of Caribou, Northern Grizzly Bear (a different species of Grizzly than our own) Fox, Arctic Wolves, and of course the Crows and Ravens (as they fly along side of these trucks or the transport haulers).

These vehicles are not on the ice-roads, nor are they allowed to be on lake ice-roads. They are only solid ground trucks.

Although these look like they are able to go in all terrains they would sink in swampy areas and would sink like a rock in water.

This truck in the photo is a Cat-789C, which can carry about 185-195 tons) Bigger trucks than this one are available for bigger jobs (but that?s a different story). There are smaller trucks like the Cat-777C, and the Cat-785C, carrying smaller loads.

The equipment that load these trucks are a lot higher than the truck in the photo, I?m only guessing but it would take about four full buckets to get the two hundred tons into the truck into the photograph (ooh, maybe five?). So, you can well imagine how big the equipment would have to be to do the job.

The diamond mines fly their workers into camps. The men work in two weeks shifts (sometimes you will get an extra week if you are needed).

There is always a need for workers when some are not able to make it to work. The usual shifts are two weeks in and two weeks out, depending on the company.

Now let us talk about security at the diamond mines. Security is a must and is very high at these places. There is drug testing (like every other job); workers have to be bondable (working among the diamonds, Yes!!!); alcohol free at work, of course.

The companies ask you to empty out all your pockets (flipping them inside-out and getting everything out) before leaving the job site, making sure you have nothing that has fallen into your pockets, while cleaning the decks off of the truck fenders and frame work of the truck you are driving.

This is to protect yourself. The company would not know if material in your pockets was accidental or intentional. They strongly advise you to keep your pockets clean at all times. It only takes a second to them flip out

There is much more to the job than I have written. I am hoping that you at least get an idea of this type of work.

May your days be filled with a wealth of smiles and laughter.

Have an ?Okie? Dokkie Day!!!

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