There are firefighters in every municipality in the world, all or most are highly trained to do many life saving tasks. The firefighter has to be ready at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

These men and women are of a special breed as they are committed to the community in every way, from fire fighting to volunteering for function in raising monies for different uses, like Muscular dystrophy, etc. Also, there are special skills needed for this type of work. All of these skills are for life saving, such as; first aid, self contained breathing apparatus, confined space rescue, rescue in a house fire, rescue in a trailer fire, a certain way of putting out the fires, every fire is different, not one fire that is identical, the proper use of the fire hose, mechanized ladders, truck driving, jaws of life and other extracting equipment, to rescue a fellow human being (usually in an auto accident), and many more skills needed to be a in fire. If I was to write all of the courses a firefighter needs, we would have a book. Think about it for a bit, they get no pay, all they do for the community is free, these special people are volunteers. These men and women give their time and sometimes their life to help the people of their community.

The fire halls are always ready for anything that happens in an emergency. The trucks are fuelled, always ready; everything is in place, ready for the next job. They work at everything that involves the community fund raising, barbecues; these people are helpers of the local children and more, put out the local brush fires with-in the boundaries of the community. In some smaller communities they even flood the ice skating rinks for all to use.

The fire fighters that are on payroll go to school to learn their trade go to University for their credits and actually not get hands on experience as the volunteers do. The firefighters in the cities first get theory then get assigned to a fire hall, for the hands on training before they are on to the truck for real. The way I understand this is that, schooling first and then they get trained on the job at a designated fire hall for duration of their course.

There is much more to fire fighting than I have mentioned, like I said I would end up with a book.

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