Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs

Logging truck owner operators have a lot of responsibilities in operating a log hauling business. The first thing is getting the truck the person wants or their preference of make and model. Some like Kenworth and others get what is affordable to make a decent living. These people are responsible for the payments, insurance, contacts of getting the work, making sure the contract is going to make enough monies to pay for the payments, fuel, repairs and to be able to live in comfort. These are just a few of the things that an owner operator has to consider.

The owner operator has to be able to make his or her own repairs to keep the costs down. Basically these people have to be jack of all trades as in being a mechanic, welder, fabricator, inspector of their machines, know all about the performance of these vehicles, do preventative maintenance, look at the truck and fix things that may be a problem in the future. Alter different thing to make their work easier, safer, faster and more economical.

The safety of the operation of the truck is very important to them as these drivers do not want to break-down on the major highways or even bush roads,. This would be a high cost to them as they not only lose time but also the wages that could have been made during this break-down. The owner operators have a great driving skill as it is their living that they are looking after. The less they break down the more monies they make. The better they treat their equipment, the better the machine that they look after the better it treats them.

Driving on highways or back roads is very important to respect the road that you are driving on, as it is not only your life or being disabled; it is other lives that the driver is responsible for. The back roads are radio controlled for safety and each kilometre is called by most everyone that drives these roads. The roads are also public access, meaning you have to watch-out for the drivers with-out radios and report to the other drivers on the particular road that there is a vehicle that has no radio contact at all. Most or all driver with radios report to each other the location of these vehicles with-out radios and also the direction the vehicle is going. This action makes it a safer road for all the users of back or forestry roads being used.

The cost of these radios is very small in comparison to one life. To have a safer back-road trip, try to follow the ones with radios as these people will call for you, also. Have a good and safe summer on these back-road trips.

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