Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs ? A Bush Pilot?s Job

Bush pilots are a unique breed of people, flying and surviving in bush country.

Going to school to take practical training and theory is a first step. After this course, they learn their trade as they are doing it, flying daily.

Suitable planes for bush pilots are Cessna, Beaver, and the Otter, these are some-times both pontoon ( float planes that land on water some are called amphibians for both uses, water and land) and wheeled planes (these usually land on pre-built air strips but bush pilots often land on n river beaches, natural open fields and other risky terrain.

A bush pilots life style offers many dangerous situations, engine problems, weather (being the main source), pilot error, air currents, are a few of the situations that they are likely to encounter.

Aircraft repairs may have to be done in remote areas, with a minimum of tools and no parts store to rely on, forcing the bush pilot to improvise. The pilot may need to fix a prop or even make a new one with a minimum of tools. These men and women have to improvise to get out of many situations

Bush pilots are dedicated to their lifestyle and will do everything possible to accommodate their clients. They fly in all types of weather and situations to get the job done.

Bush pilots drop supplies and people in remote areas. They are in every country and do service to all types of work that is to be done in their areas.

I have not flown a plane but I have had experiences with bush pilots and their stories of getting out of predicaments. My uncle was one of these bush pilots with many stories of getting out of big or small problems.

These are the explorers of the remote areas of the unexplored.

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