The photo is of a Kumatsu D-155 AX cat Similar to a D_8 (CAT) Caterpillar. A machine with many uses for construction, building roads, sites for big buildings (such as gas plants, tunnel entrance, rail grades, highways, levelling ground, clearing of trees, opening areas for construction, building of big dams so we can generate power to have lighting in our homes, moving mountains to excavate other minerals, logging, dragging of skid trailers up north on the Ice-road projects every year, clearing of snow slides from our highways: these are just a few of the uses of this type of machine).

Cats are of many different makes and models, Caterpillar, Kumatsu, International, John Deere, along with other international manufacturers of heavy equipment. Then these go by sizes such as (Cats; D-10, D-8, D-7, D-6, D-5, D-4, and I believe they even make a D-2). The other manufacturers have a different numbering system for each of their machines.

Prior to using the cat to perform a given task, an inspection is done of this machine to make sure it is in good shape, well maintained to do the job. That responsibility is the operators.

The size of the job, the terrain, the condition of the ground, swamps, rocky ground, all of these depend on the equipment used. A big job needs to be done with big equipment. Swampy ground you would more than likely use a wide pad (wide tracks) lighter piece of machinery (like a D-6 wide pad, John Deere 450 wide pad, etc).

On rocky ground, you would be able to use heavier machinery and so on. Clearing of trees on a piece of property will allow the operator to choose the equipment, and this would depend on the size of the trees and terrain that needs to be cleared.

There is much more to these pieces of machinery, there are books written to describe the operating procedures.

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