Tough Jobs – Tough Guys

The technology has come a long way from horse?pulled graders to computer assisted ones. I am an owner of an old horse drawn grader that is converted to a tractor pulled or machine pulled grader. It looks similar to the one in this photo except that the wheels are made of steel. My grader is the earlier model than the one in the photograph; although it is similar in the style of the body (You still stand at the back of the grader to operate it). On the new graders you are in the middle of the machine and over-top of you grader blade (the cutting the ground and leveling part of this item).

The old horse?drawn graders were pulled by four horses, and the grader operator would be holding the reins while grading the road. I would imagine that at times the operator has had some help to tend to or direct the horses allowing the operator to have full attention to his grading of the road. There are big wheels and small wheels for the grader to level the road so as you are able to make the crown on the road. (the big wheels to lift and lower the grader blade on each end, for crowning of the road surface. One of the small wheels are for the tilting angle of the blade, the other small wheel is for the turning of the grader blade to put the gravel to one side or the other). This is done for water drainage, the crown being the center of the highway (yellow line), whether you are on a corner, a flat stretch of road, you need a crown to keep the water off the highway.

I would think that people have noticed or felt like you are at a tilt as you are driving down the highway, you are not imagining things as you are at a tilt (one inch for every ten feet and in some areas there is more of a lean depending on the amount of rain fall in the area).

The automated graders are far better than the old horse drawn, the technology is greater and you are able to do more things on the highway with this new machine. You can be so accurate with the newer computer assisted graders.

We still have the older graders without the computer assisted technology, and these are used everyday on all jobs for road maintenance etc.

I am hoping that this will help you with that tilted feeling going down the highway. May your days be filled with a wealth of smiles and laughter!!! Have an ?Okie? Dokkie Day!!! Thank you for taking the time to read ?Tough Guys ? Tough Jobs?