Tough Week for Tumbler Ridge

What a week! Every time I turned around something else seemed to be going on, and none of it was very good. For a town that is usually happy and upbeat, you could see the strain on some of the faces as we did our best to carry on.

First thing up is a car crash that banged up a friend and ruined their vehicle. To add insult to injury, they were on their way to help out a stranded bird when to accident occurred. Doing their best to help and kicked in the pants ? that hurts!

Then came the news that a member of our community had passed away. Then, I find out that he was a friend of the family. Then I find out we lost two good souls and both were friends of the family. Tough to swallow that one. In a world that has too many people who don?t care about others, it always strikes me deeply when we lose those who do. The question is always the same one each of us asks, why?

For Brian Baker I will always remember how he shook my hand with a good strong grip. I will always remember how he looked me in the eye when he spoke. And I will always remember how much encouragement he gave me. One day he told me to give ?er heck ?cause you only get one chance. So I shall.

For Clarence Olsen I will always remember the last, of many, conversations I had with him. We were speaking about Medicare and he expressed his frustration that society didn?t share its resources in a way that benefited more Canadians. Typically, he wanted to help out, not horde for himself.

As if that wasn?t enough, a fire brought damage to the trailer of another family relative. Mercifully they we okay. The same cannot be said for their residence.

So it was a tough week, indeed, for Tumbler Ridge. Still I would rather have a difficult time here than anywhere else. Here I know that people pay attention to the interests of their neighbors. Here I know we all care about each other. Here I know that people will help out wherever they can. Let?s not lose that!