Tourism Highlights

Bullmoose Marshes Sunrise Stroll

A group of 18 early birds gathered to take an early morning walk the trails through the Bullmoose Marshes Interpretive Area, which was constructed by the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society in 2003. Led by Dr. Charles Helm, this excursion was the second event for Be A Tourist in Your Own Town Week and the first for our contribution to the UN?s Wonder of Water calendar in 2004. As the sun burned off what threatened to be a wet, grey backdrop for the day, the permanence of spring finally became evident and those that had gathered set off in high spirits. Participants were treated to the flights, sights and sounds of a variety of species including Cedar Waxwing, Wilson?s Snipe, Red-Winged Blackbird, Bufflehead, Blue-Winged Teal, Mallard, Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher and American Robin. With the use of binoculars, spotting scopes and Dr. Helm?s renditions of various birdcalls, everyone was treated to a truly educational experience, capturing a fascinating glimpse of a world that often eludes us. For those that are interested in visiting this serene and prolific area, the Bullmoose Marshes are situated beside highway 29, 24 km from Tumbler Ridge. Brochures can be obtained at the Sora trailhead or downloaded from

Wednesday June 9th ? Business to Business FAM tour

Though thunderclouds loomed overhead, spirits were bright and enthusiasm was in high gear as 15 members of Tumbler Ridge?s business community gathered to learn a lot more about each other. The Business-to-Business FAM tour was designed to provide our local enterprises with an increased level of exposure amongst their peers. Businesses that take the time to become well acquainted with what their community has to offer, both in terms of products and services, increase their level of professionalism and their ability to deliver exceptional customer service. As people work to create a network of reciprocal referrals, money circulates through our community longer and the benefits of increased visitation are spread further. After a brief rendezvous at Town Hall, we made our way as a group from one participating business to another to get a first-hand glimpse of the flourishing entrepreneurship in our community. As people spoke about their current selection of products and services, it was evident that a great deal of learning was taking place. At the same time, we witnessed the generation of synergy amongst the tour participants as ideas were relayed back and forth. When it all came to an end, the opinion all around was that it was an evening well spent and that it should be repeated next year. With such a positive response, it most certainly will. Participating businesses included:

TAGS Food and Gas

Ridge Café

KC?s Dollar Store and Furniture

People?s Pharmacy

Maureen?s Scrapbooking

Sheila?s Place

Glacial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Tumbler Ridge Wilderness Lodge

Tumbler Ridge Thrift Store

Thursday June 10th ? Heritage, Tourism and Sense of Place

Presentation by Bob Sandford

Mr. Bob Sanford, the Chair of the UN?s International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water initiative treated an intimate crowd of Tumbler Ridge residents to a second presentation in one week. Held at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library, Bob?s presentation articulated the importance of recognizing one?s own sense of place within a community for the sake of cherishing it and maintaining its integrity in the face of change. Framing this concept in terms of economic activity, Bob pointing out that our package of lifestyle, quality life and local culture are the most saleable features we have as a town for the purposes of relocation and investment. There are a variety of social elements incorporated into our daily lives that we?ve come to take for granted, even though these are the things that differentiate us from any other town. As these elements become eroded from other local cultures throughout the world, more and more of these people will be looking at our community as the place to be. Our challenge will be to foster positive economic development and welcome the arrival of new residents while incorporating the change they bring to become part of our local culture. Bob?s insight to these matters has been derived from his experiences with development management in other communities, including Canmore, Banff, Queen Charlotte Islands and several others in Newfoundland. He has witnessed several communities backpedal and scramble to recapture their ?specialness?, and it has been a very hard road for them to travel. Seeing that a great deal of change is coming down the pipe for Tumbler Ridge his hope is to share his insight with us, to help us to better prepare and plan for the future. For a community in our position, we can decide to control change or let it control us. The evening ended with an announcement that Dr. Charles Helm was to be nominated for an award in the UN International Year of Fresh Water Awards program as part of for his work in furthering the science and education of water resources at a community level.

Friday June 11th ? Downtown Get Down

Once again, threatening clouds didn?t deter the crowds of people that attended Tumbler Ridge?s first Downtown Get Down, an evening of music and social activity to celebrate the arrival of summer. A variety of home-based businesses, local organizations and craftspeople were situated around the Community Centre outdoor amphitheatre to showcase their wares to the people who came to check things out. Many downtown retailers kept their doors open past regular operating hours, extending the life of commercial activity that is usually available. It was agreed upon by many that the sight of crowds milling about the downtown core in the evening helped enhance our town?s sense of vibrancy, bringing smiles to those who were there. Events such as this will continue to foster community spirit, while bringing a sense of nightlife to Tumbler Ridge.

Thanks to Brian Bray and TRUMP for organizing the live entertainment that helped highlight the high level of talent that can be found within our town. Congratulations and further thanks to all the businesses and community groups that took the time to participate in this important event. We?ll see you at the next Get Down!