TR Cares Holds AGM

The TR CARES (Tumbler Ridge Community Association Responding to Extended Services) Society held their Annual General Meeting on March 15 at the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre. The meeting started off with Brian Sipe giving a brief introduction to TR Cares, starting with the fact that TR CARES is a registered, not for profit organization. ?TR Cares is all about serving the community as a whole,? said Sipe.

The introduction was followed by election of a board of directors; Brian Sipe, President, Bill Hendley Vice President, and Jan Kohlhauser, Secretary. The Treasurer position is currently vacant.

Directors are Cpl. Kurt Peats, Rose Colledge and Joanne Liebelt.

The mission of TR CARES is to endeavor to provide and operate services and facilities meeting social service needs that are appropriate, affordable, accessible, accountable, and that promote healthy living in Tumbler Ridge. ?We are a proactive society rather than a reactive organization,? said Sipe. ?We are currently putting structures in place, so that we can be proactive.?

When asked what makes TR CARES a society which organizations would want to be a part of the answer is: eliminates the time and effort of obtaining society and charitable status.