TR Chamber- 2015 Parade commendations

Donna Merry, TR Chamber of Commerce, Secretary


I hope everyone who saw the parade is as thrilled at the creativity and commitment of the many groups who entered this year as the Chamber is. There were so many awesome ideas that I wanted to highlight a few for folks who might have missed them as the parade passed by.

Did you notice the tiny dinosaur poking out of the birdhouse on the TR Community Gardens and Museum float? And the T-Rex claws trying to pick up tea cups at the café? Not to mention the great rocker pants on the guitar playing dinosaur.

Or did you see that TR is the point on the pirate map where X marks the spot, on the back of the truck cab pulling the awesome “pirate ship” for Avalanche trucking? Poor little waif of a guy was walking the plank, and the parrot was nearly escaping from the sunroof of the pick-up.

TR Search and Rescue incorporated a “mountain” into their float, were busy rescuing an unfortunate guy from a ravine, whilst kayaking down the river, all done perfectly safely, with appropriate safety gear, and you can bet, all was well planned ahead!

TR Days society had gorgeous pictures of many rocky regions around the district. TR District themselves high-lighted numerous recreational activities on their colourful float. Screamin’ Eagles clubhouse brought a fairway to the parade, and Terry lofted candies from the green. Did you notice the little signs all over their float to guide the golf carts off the putting green, and to the next tee?

Aunt Lizzy dragged her travel trunk, which showed all of the flags of geoparks around the globe, including Tumbler Ridge. Glad she made it here, just in time!

Thanks to everyone who entered the parade, for your energy and support of the theme, Recreation Rocks! This year’s parade is a great demonstration of the spirit of the community.