TR Gallery Grand Opening

Balloons floated above the store, with the paper finally removed from the windows to reveal a very interesting sight inside. Mayor Clay Illes joined gallery owner Maureen Sywolos in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening of TR Gallery on Friday, February 11th at 3:00 pm.

Prior to the cutting, the crowd was entertained by Pipers Don Fraser and Joe Tummonds in full kilt apparel. Fraser and Tummonds also marched and played bagpipes in the Winterfest Parade later that evening.

Darcy Jackson, one of the artists featured in the gallery, was on hand to say a few words and then Mayor Illes spoke, commending the community on their attendance and also congratulating Sywolos and her marketing assistant and an artist as well, Mila Lansdowne on their project.

As the ribbon was cut, the crowd applauded and the doors opened. Approximately 70-100 people filed into the store intermittently and marveled at the collections of paintings, sketches, leatherwork, stained glass, etched mirrors, handcrafted dolls, books, scarves, wooden key racks, framed photographs, baskets of Body Shop and flower arrangements. Said one jubilant customer as he proudly carried out a flower arrangement for his wife, ?Look I get a beer glass out of it too!? pointing to the flower vase which was indeed a beer glass.

A special visit from three travelers from Dawson Creek, from the recently opened Gateway Gallery, were owners Everett Haney, Renette Benning and Benning?s grandmother. There are approximately 20 artists wanting to consign their work in the new store, with plans of future workshops. TR Gallery had book signing over the weekend with authors Charles Helm, Joyce Stenvall and Mila Lansdowne (photography). It looks like Tumbler Ridge has a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet the artists as well as admire their fine work.