TR Geopark signs new operators

Trent Ernst, Editor


The Tumbler Ridge Geopark has signed operator agreements with three local companies.

Ridge Rotors Helicopter Services, Tumbler Ridge Geopark Bed and Breakfast and Wild River Adventure Tours are the first three direct operators in the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark.

Geopark President Sue Kenny says this doesn’t restrict other people from operating within the bounds of the Geopark, but creates a connection between the Geopark and the company. “When we’re full blown marketing this, these companies can use our logo,” she says. “You can’t use the logo without signing that agreement. These people can put the logo on their promo material. They will be added to the website. They will be getting interpretive training, so they can take clients to geosites and be able to interpret the site for the clients.”

Kenny says this is an important step for the Geopark. “These companies are supporting the Geopark, and want to operate as ambassadors, so when they have clients, they can tell them what they’re seeing. ”

In addition to the three operators, Brandon Braam, owner of Above Tumbler Ridge, signed an agreement in the “Advertising and promting the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark” category.

Mila Landsdowne was so excited about the Geopark that she changed the name of her business. “I’m offering retreats promoting the Geopark with my specific touch on it. I see amazing possibilities for my business here in Tumbler Ridge.”