TR Time Travel 3 ?

The Transmogrification of Dr. Madd was the third installment in a series for the Grizzly Valley Players, the adult acting company of Theatre On The Ridge. The show took place on Saturday, June 28th. The theatre group was satisfied with the attendance of 30 people, challenged by fabulous weather, avid campers and a long weekend.

But that wasn?t the only thing that nearly stopped the show. Things got a little more complicated at the final dress rehearsal the Friday night before. As director Erin Hanna took stage to open the show as her alter ego Granny Marmalade, she continued to walk along the four-foot high stage and didn?t realize where it ended. Nursing two fractured heels, Hanna insisted the show must go on.

?This group worked too hard and long to have it all pulled out from under them now.? said the wheelchair-bound Hanna. ?It changed a few spots in the script, caused a few more delays, but everyone enjoyed the show just the same.?

The concept for this show began in 2005 when the Grizzly Valley Players (GVP) created the epic adventures of Dr. Madd, an evil scientist who builds a time machine and travels through the decades to experience the varied musical eras. It gained popularity with a sequel-prequel in 2007 and this year the same format was used, with two changes. Time Travel took place with music and former television favourites and the biggest change, Dr. Madd, formerly played by Bob Norman was transmogrified into a different gender and age, as played by Charissa Tonnesen.

But the draw of the stage was perhaps too much for Norman who sat at a nearby table in the audience and joined the acting company twice on stage. Once in a surprise walk-on during a sketch where he was abducted from his seat and brought on to be the subject of adoration between two female characters fighting over him. An astonished Norman fell right into place as he was jostled about, waltzed with and otherwise cajoled. Traditionally, TR Time Travel ends with the entire cast on stage dancing to Time Warp. Hanna sat in a chair and danced from the waist up and was pleased when Norman took stage beside her and joined tem for the finale

The cast did an excellent job of entertaining the audience, performing comedic skits and using their own vocals to popular music. There were three actors, new to this show, who fit right in and added to the fresh appeal of the event.

Both desserts and a full dinner theatre have accompanied the show in the past. This year, the show hosted a dessert theatre and the event was also licensed. The challenge of hosting such venues is the availability of caterers, increased insurance and rental fees and general production costs.

Cast for the show included Mandy Battenfelder, Sherry Berringer, Rose Colledge, Janet Delpierre, Erin Hanna, Shelley Leach, Jean Pawlucki, Timm Schofield, Charissa Tonnesen and Doreen Younge. Backstage crew and floor help were Tim Snyder, Mike Hanna, Kish Pedersen, Marie Robertson, Ron Haley and Tammy Pigeon as sound tech. Missing members of the cast and stage crew were Charmiane Shirley, Barb Schuerkamp and Jerrilyn Ernst.

The show was dedicated to Shery Berringer and Tammy Pigeon, who are both leaving the community later this year. The group is already planning a busy fall and winter schedule of live shows and participation venues. This is an open registration club that welcomes new members year-round. For further information please contact Erin Hanna 242-3364 or . Bda, bda, bda?that?s all folks!