TRE Bowls Over DC

Alexandra Gulick


In October of 2013, the intermediate classes of TRE got together and decided that we wanted to have a field trip. There were many ideas but the one we stuck with was going to Dawson Creek and going bowling and swimming on November 29.

Sadly, we weren’t able to go to the swimming pool because they were renovating. Luckily we were able to go bowling and the cost was going to be $480. Including our lunch at Boston Pizza, we needed to raise about $1,000 and maybe more for buses. We all had a lot of work to do!

Later in October, we had a meeting to decide what we were going to do to raise the money for our trip. The things we decided to do were: have a bake sale at our school on the 29 and 30 of October and another one at the Rec Centre on Nov. 2.

Later, on Nov. 15, we decided to have a giant toy sale at our school. Also a few kids went to a parent’s house and sorted lots of bottles, which also helped raise money for the trip. In total, we raised over $1,600, which made all our hard work pay off.

Then came the surprise a week before our field trip. Since we didn’t have enough money to pay for buses and we were going to have to get 30 parents to drive, three companies in town paid for our buses!!! The three companies were Southpaw, Diversified Transportation and Shop Easy. We still can’t believe we got to ride buses to Dawson Creek and the buses made the trip so much better. We donated the rest of the money ($530) to the Christmas hamper so many kids could enjoy Christmas.

Thank you Southpaw, Diversified, Shop Easy and all the parents for making our field trip a huge success and one we will never forget.

Alexandra is a grade six student at Tumbler Ridge Elementary.