Treasured Chronicles congratulates George and Janet Hartford

Staff of ?Treasured Chronicles of the Peace Elders? would like to congratulate Janet and George Hartford for being part of our oldest interviewed participants in the South Peace area.

Janet and George are both long term residents of the South Peace area. They have have both experienced the many historical events that have shaped the South Peace region and are one of our many living historical treasures. Congratulations Janet and George.

Treasured Chronicles of the Peace Elders is a job creation project to collect history and stories about life in the Peace region. This project is sponsored by Service Canada and produced by Hill Computing along with supporting consultants, Solar Peace Recording, NE Productions, Peace Photographics, along with 10 staff members.

206 participants from the South Peace border to Tomslake, Rolla, Kelly Lake, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Lone Prairie, Moberly Lake, Hudson?s Hope, Tumbler Ridge and area will be featured. An extensive amount of history, stories and memorabilia has been successfully collected to create a DVD production of reflections, history and life here in the Peace Region.

The gathering and editing of all collected information is to begin January, 2006, with a release date of July 1st, 2006. This memorable and historical story about life in the Peace Region is to be shared with children in local schools and viewers in the South Peace libraries along with personal home libraries.