Tremblay?s Bowling Elite!

Our Tremblay grade 3/4 class has been entertained, informed and inspired by Dawson Creek?s YBC Bantam Boys Bowling Team. Amazingly, 3 of the 5 bowlers on Dawson Creek?s rep team is from our class. We get to hear daily about the developments and coaching strategies taken on by the team. Besides the finer points of score keeping and technique, the friendship and camaraderie demonstrated by the boys has been a source of great learning and inspiration in our class. We?ve learned about handling pressure, staying focused, and working hard with dedication. As well, the enthusiasm shown as the boys prepare for the National Tournament in early May has been fantastic to share. What a wonderful opportunity for classmates! As well as being great sports leaders, team players, and fine students, these boys are all wonderful Tremblay citizens participating in our recycling program, receiving citizenship awards, and participating in the lunch monitor program. Remember these names, because you?ll probably be reading them again!