Trent Ernst was born in Rosthern, Saskatchewan because his hometown of Waldheim, found ten miles down the road, was too small to have a hospital. The evening he was born, the townsfolk celebrated with a big party on Main Street, and fireworks lit up the evening sky. It was only later he learned that it was the local 4H festival. Since that time, his life has been inexplicably linked with cows.

Trent spent his first 18 years in Waldheim, surrounded by wheat and wind and long, cold winters. He learned the art of alliteration during those wild winters, but it was only upon moving to Tumbler Ridge, BC after graduating high school that he discovered the magic of the mountains.

Since that time, Trent has dedicated as much time as he could to exploring the mountains. He spent the better part of the 90s living in the Lower Mainland and exploring the North Shore Mountains before returning to Tumbler Ridge. He spent ten years making his living as a freelance writer and photographer, but since the birth of his first daughter, Zoe Orion, has decided to join the ranks of the gainfully employed, working as a photographer and designer for Peace PhotoGraphics in Dawson Creek, BC. He still resides in Tumbler Ridge with his wife and daughter, and still spends as much time as he can exploring the wilds of BC and the Alberta Rockies, and, of course, writing the Backroad Mapbook series.