Trip Report ? Calgary Outdoor Recreational Show 24-26 March 2006

The EDO, Ray Proulx and Councillor Larry White represented Tumbler Ridge at the annual Outdoor Recreational Trade Fair in Calgary. The show was open to the public for 23 hours over the three days. With over 50 exhibiters from as far away as New Zealand and Australia, the qualities of Tumbler Ridge could hold their own with the most polished and glitziest of presentations. The interest with the recreational as well as with business opportunities was most encouraging.

A running slide show of the waterfalls and many hiking areas drew numerous amazed comments. Other than being asked if Tumbler Ridge is the area where the Sasquatch was sighted, most people wanted to know its location and what the accommodations were like.

The show had the advantage of being adjacent to the world figure skating championships and many international visitors took the opportunity to spend the off time visiting the trade fair. European visitors were particularly interested in the remoteness and beauty of Tumbler Ridge.

A one hour presentation was given in the theatre. It consisted of a slide show of Monkman Park and the Cascades and Kevin Sharman?s Ridgeville, a musical montage of the ridge hikes around Tumbler Ridge.

The show attracted several thousand visitors and over 500 people took time to stop and chat at the Tumbler Ridge booth. Northern Tourists also had a booth and sent many inquisitive tourists our way. With the feedback from the trade fair we realized that the opportunities for tourism and tourist related businesses have great potential that we should build upon.