TRMF Paleontologists on Kakwa scientific expedition

In 2000 a remarkable dinosaur footprint site was discovered in the Kakwa area of B.C. Although the site is within Kakwa Provincial Park, it only came to the notice of BC Parks in 2004. The site is at high elevation, and the footprints and trackways are on steeply inclined bedding planes, making for a short window of access each year in challenging terrain.

BC Parks has been grappling with how best to manage and protect this site, which is potentially of international significance. In order to understand its value, it has to be scientifically researched and the findings properly documented, along with recommendations for management.

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation is honored that its paleontologists, Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley, have been approached by BC Parks to lead this scientific expedition. Late August Rich and Lisa will be flown in to the site by helicopter along with two BC Parks officials, where they will spend almost a week, after which they will prepare a report for BC Parks.

McCrea said, ?We appreciate that the BC government, through BC Parks, is approaching this discovery in such a responsible manner. We are looking forward greatly to this research expedition.?

Let?s all hope for fair weather for the last week in August.