Rotary Club in Tumbler Ridge

Lynsey Kitching
Here in Tumbler Ridge, community members are very involved in volunteer work and supporting each other. Another opportunity to do so is on the horizon through the Rotary Club. 
At community registration night, the Rotary Club from Dawson Creek came to town to access if there is enough interest to start a group here. Sally Schilds, Rotary Club member says, “We had about 10–12 people interested in Rotary at the community registration. It was great place to meet people, however, not the best way to meet business owners or business people in the community.”
The Rotary would like to build on the base created at community registration through another information night specific to Rotary in Tumbler. Schilds says, “We want to put together a meet and greet in Tumbler Ridge. It would be an informal meeting complete with multi-media presentations, treats and coffee.”
Rotary started in the 1900s as an opportunity for people to connect and network in Chicago. A fellow new to town wanted to meet people. The Rotary club began with only three professionals, rotating meetings once a week. Schilds says, “That opportunity of fellowship, turned into a service club. It gave community minded people a place to network.”
This idea has grown substantially and is now an international club looking to support local projects as well as International projects. Schilds says, “It’s now a service club for adults of all ages. We’re working really hard to change our image from just older men, to everyone. It’s open to all people who have the time, want to get together and figure out how to meet the needs of a community,” she continues with a laugh, “It’s not just an over 50 club anymore. It’s for younger people as well.”
For the meeting here in Tumbler Schilds says Rotarians will come in from Dawson to share their stories and the impact Rotary has had on their community. Schilds says with a chuckle, “The other thing about rotary, is we do like to party.”
The date for a Rotary evening has been set for October 25 at the community centre. Contact  Sally Schilds 250-782-3730, or for more information.