The past two weeks have been an exciting time at TRSS.

February 1st marked the last day of the old semester, as well as the final provincial exams. The new semester started on February 4th and all senior students enjoyed a brand new set of courses.

The curling team braved the weather that weekend to travel to Chetwynd where they competed in a bonspiel. The focus of the bonspiel was just to have fun, so prizes weren?t awarded for first, second and third. Even so, it was clear that the TR teams were holding their own. Everyone had a great time, and walked away with a prize for participation. Since then the curling team has continued to improve their skills, and are looking forward to playing the teachers on February 19th.

On February 13th most of the students in Leadership had the unique opportunity to go out for supper with Andrew Thibideau. Andy is a motivational speaker who gives unique and exciting presentations to schools and conferences across North America. The next day Andy visited the school and spoke about good habits to get into during high school in a way that all students could relate to. After the presentation, Leadership sat down with Andy to gain insights on strategies to make the school a more exciting place to be.

For Valentine?s Day Leadership tried organizing a new activity called the Heart Game. At the beginning of the day all students and teachers were given a paper heart. They could lose their heart though if they were caught saying somebody?s name, in which case they had to give up their heart to the person who caught them. At the end of the day the student and teacher with the most hearts were awarded a free movie pass which was kindly donated by One-Stop-Video-Shop.

Daniel Just won the student category with around 50 hearts.

The teacher category ended with a surprising result. Mrs. Deeley had accumulated close to 20 hearts through the course of the day. On her way to the judging she accidentally let a name slip and lost all her hearts.

Mrs. Zatwarniski won with two hearts, narrowly beating Mr. Ferguson who only had his original heart.