TRSS NEWS: New Spin on Foods

Karissa Bowerman


This year at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School, the Home Economics cooking class has a whole new angle.

Over the years the class has been limited to cooking the instructed recipes and sharing the outcome amongst the group who made it. This year Mrs. Davies has decided to make some modifications and open a concession with the baked goods.

Mrs. Davies stated that this new concession is “a good way for us to offer healthy and good eating choices that are more affordable”.

The class takes place first block, and there are two specific teams that do the cooking on alternating days. With the new concession opening September 29, the first group (called the Tumbler Fridge) will be kicking it off first break selling healthy snacks baked in school.

The next day, it will be time for the group called the Meat Shack to open up concession. The two teams will alternate concession days throughout the semester.

Snacks aren’t all the groups will be serving however; at lunch break the same group will be selling affordable lunches. These snack and lunch options will be posted on a menu the day before.

The class will be taking into consideration a reasonable lunch budget for high school students, and the various allergies existing in the school.

Divided into two teams, each group in the class will have students with a specific job. Each team will have a head chef, waiters to cater to the students, menu planners and advertisers. Each team will also have shoppers to go uptown and buy food within budget.

The money made each day by a specific team will be added into their existing budget to purchase more groceries for their group to cook for the students.

This business-like course offers twice the credits of the traditional Foods class, as the students are both cooking and working on first break and lunch to serve the students their cooked food. Everything made and sold will follow the Healthy Schools BC guide.

Athletic Fundraiser

TRSS is selling discount cards to raise money for extra-curricular sports.  The school has partnered with Elite Fundraising to create a “Power Card” that provides various discounts and deals at businesses in Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, and Grande Prairie. The deals on the card are good until Oct. 15, 2016.  The card costs $25 and proceeds will go to school sports.  Cards can be purchased at the school office or through students.  We need your support!

Meet the Staff

Tumbler Ridge Secondary School may be small but it has teachers with big hearts and dedication to its students. We have some of the most amazing and supportive teachers you will ever meet.

The great thing about our school is that because it is so small that we have tons of one-on-one help that you wouldn’t get in the cities. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we don’t have great opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

Mrs. Mahaffy coaches the cross-country running team this year. New activities she wants to start are a cross county ski club and an outdoor club. She also teaches Humanities 7–8, Outdoor Education 7–8 and Media 12.

Mrs. Krauss teaches Drama to the grade 9–12s, Film and Television 11, Art 7–12, Socials 10, and English 9.

Mrs. Davies is our guidance counselor at the school. She also teaches French to the grade 9–12s and Foods to the 7–12s. The senior class is also going to be making food that will be sold in the concession.

Mrs. Broderick is teaching Social Studies 11, History 12 and English 10–12. This is her twentieth year at TRSS She has given us the amazing opportunity to be featured in our local paper, not very many kids in grade 11 get this kind of chance.

Mrs. Kruse is the librarian at the school. The library is open in the mornings.

Mrs. Cadwell is the Math 7–9, Pre-calculus 11 teacher and she also teaches Health and Career to the grades 7–9.

Mr. Deeley teaches all of the science course at TRSS. His most recent project and his newest course in our school is Science and Technology. You may have heard of the Fish Farm last year, designed and ran by the students.

Mr. Ferguson is the Physical Education teacher for all grades. He coaches the boys’ basketball teams both senior and junior, and he also runs a golf team for all grades.

Ms. Sieber is our coach mentor.

Mrs. Dufresne is our Aboriginal Support Worker.

Mrs. Beattie and Mrs. Oliver are returning as our amazing support staff this year.

Mrs. Zatwarniski is the intervention worker as well as the counsellor. She does group work in classes to help students to learn to work with one another and cooperate.

Mrs. Skillen is the secretary at our school. She is the one that answers all of our questions and helps us find what we need.

Mrs. Proulx teaches Communications to the grade 11 and 12s as well as French to the grades 7 and 8. This is her fifth year being vice principal but she has been at our school for about 17 years.

Mr. Broderick teaches Numeracy to the grades 7 and 8, Math and Planning to the grade 10 students and Pre-calculus 12. This is his sixth year as principal and before that he was the vice principal for five years. He has been at the school for 17 years as well.