The Tumbler Ridge Kodiak sports teams have been without a bus to travel to other towns to play in competitive tournaments since October 2005. Prior to that point, the use of the bus was administered by a local transportation Society. A problem arose when the Society folded due to a lack of people who were willing to become involved. As their insurance coverage was limited, the Society members would become personally liable for the damages should an accident have occurred beyond the limited coverage that they held. Since the Society was comprised of community volunteers, that was not a risk they were willing to take. As a result, the insurance was taken off the bus, and it sat idle in the TRSS workshop yard. To get the kids to sporting events so they could participate in the competition from other teams, the volunteer coaches have resorted to gathering volunteer drivers.

To resolve the problem, the Parent Action Committee and Administrators for TRSS requested that the Board for School District 59 take responsibility for the insurance. The proposal for the District to assume the liability was considered at the Feb 15 Board meeting. At that meeting, it was agreed that the School District would assume the liability insurance on the operation of the bus. The School District will be outlining guidelines and policies in the operation of the unit. It is hoped that our school bus will be back on the road by April.

In 2004, the PAC gave $3721 to TRSS for bussing expenses. In 2005, they gave $4129. This money comes from the Provincial gaming access grant, which allows a credit of $20/student. Be sure to support the kids in their fundraising efforts if they come to your door for a bottle drive, or selling chocolates. All they are trying to do is raise the funds to get them to the game so they can represent our community.