TRSS students are about to Embark on a trip to Europe

On March 6th, students from Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School (TRSS) will start their journey to Europe. There are 35 people in total going which also include parents and teachers. TRSS received approval from School District #59 on June 13th, 2006. The trip has been long awaited and the students and parents are quite excited as the days draw closer. Caroline Crispin, who is a teacher at TRSS, gave each student criteria that they had to meet in order to attend the trip. Each student had to maintain a ?B? average and a minimum number of days late or absent.

The cost for each student was just under $3000 of which the students fundraised all summer through to December of 2006. Some of the fundraising events held were Grizfest, The Musical Ride, Father?s Day Raffle, BBQ, bottle drives, Concessions at TRSS, Ladies Night coat check. Some of the other fundraisers were held during company Christmas parties where students or parents volunteered their time for the coat check, designated driving and the bar. In a period of six months, the students and parents raised over $21000 clear to put towards their trip. Caroline Crispin commented, ?This is an absolutely outstanding achievement as most tours don?t fundraise anymore.?

The students will start their journey by bus to the Edmonton International Airport on March the 5th and they will return to Edmonton 10 days later on the 15th. The tour will include four days in France and five days in Italy. In France, the group will visit the Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, The Sacre Coeur, and The Opera district. From there, they will continue on to Nice and travel through to Florence where they will spend a day exploring the leaning tower of Pisa. From Florence the group will head to Assisi and Rome where they will explore the Roman ruins, St. Francis Basilica, and the Colosseum. A day will be spent in Vatican City.