Another New Year filled with resolutions and hope; promise and possibility. But I, for one, have been given a huge jolt in the past week causing me to re-examine many things. The jolt has come with the news headlines in the devastation that has followed the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and killer waves that crashed across Asia. As of today, a total of more than 117,000 are now confirmed dead, and another 5 million people lack vital clean water, shelter, food, sanitation and medicine.

CTV news reports that ?Indonesia, which was closest to the epicentre of the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami, has reported close to 80,000 deaths, while Sri Lanka reports 27,200 victims and India more than 7,300. Approximately 2,400 are reported dead in Thailand; with hundreds more casualties counted in Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Somalia, Tanzania and Kenya.?

The ripples from this disaster are felt around the world. It is believed that over 1000 Canadian tourists are vacationing in Thailand alone.

So, this year my New Year?s resolution is not to lose weight, or be more positive as it has been in past years. This year my New Year?s resolution is to do what I can to assist in this relief effort. And I am not alone in this. Plans are already underway to organize a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for the Red Cross Asian relief effort.

Watch for more information on this event coming up very soon.