Truth Be Told

My voice took a vacation this week, I?m not sure where it went, but it left me home to deal with everything. My mom and dad used to tell me that I started talking when I was six months old and I haven?t stopped since. Well this week, I stopped abruptly. It has been a bad week to not have a voice as I have been preparing for the Red Cross Benefit Concert but I have learned a lot, not being able to talk. So, if you ever develop laryngitis, you can learn from my experience.

First, I learned that when you whisper all day, you expel a lot of air and if you forget to breathe in as much as you breathe out, you get light headed. And if you don?t take the light headed warning, you end up with a big headache. And if you work past the big headache, you may just pass out. So be warned, stop at the light-headedness. Also note that if you are whispering loudly because your kids aren?t listening to you or a telemarketer isn?t getting the picture, this process seems to happen much quicker.

Second I learned that when you whisper, people either whisper back or they talk very loud. The voice seems to be in direct proportion to the ears. Funny how that works. People also tend to listen very carefully to what you say, so when I spoke this week, it was usually very quiet around me. This has been something unusual for a mom with five kids.

Third, and probably the most important is that when you make phone calls, people think you are a prankster or a 1-800-call-me individual. That has been rather frustrating as I have been hung up on and I have been offered money if I would only breathe a little heavier. So, if you plan on making phone calls to people you don?t know, have someone else introduce you and explain that you have laryngitis or you may get an unexpected reaction.

I was going to sing at the Benefit Concert today, but the only songs I could think of to sing with laryngitis was ?Careless Whisper? by George Michael or ?Whisper a Prayer in the Morning? and neither was in my range?so I?m off to set up for the Benefit Concert and will leave the singing to those who have voices.

Keep warm and have a great week.