Tumbler Ridge ? A few facts and figures

If you are one of the many new comers to Tumbler Ridge, there may be some things you are interested in knowing about the community you now call home. Did you know:

The Cabinet Committee on Coal Development initiated a comprehensive planning program in 1975, as a part of this, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs set about planning for a new community to house the coal company employees and their families. This was done to create shorter commuting distances to the mines. The site was chosen because of:

-relative closeness to Dawson Creek and Chetwynd

-potential focus for regional recreational opportunities

-superior sewage disposal and water supply possibilities,

cost and environmentally wise.

-attractive area

Tumbler Ridge was built after eight years of planning and developing the northeast coal resources. In the short time of five years the remote wilderness was transformed into a town of over 4000 people. The project was budgeted at 1.5 BILLION dollars.

When the project was completed Dennison Mines threw a $ Million dollar party in Vancouver to celebrate.

The first grocery store was located in a small trailer and run by Gord and Carol Rothwell, who now own ShopEasy,

Town Hall won a prestigious award for its design, which from the air resembles the shape of a dove.

The community planning also won awards and was designed specifically to provide community interaction. Noteworthy were the walking corridors linking different areas, the parks, the decision to not create back lanes, and the controversy over the downtown core decisions to allow a shopping mall. The entire town was designed to enhance quality of life.

Tumbler Ridge gets approximately 300 hours of sunshine in July and only about 40-50 in December.

The elevation of Tumbler Ridge is approximately 820 meters above sea level.

The steep and imposing escarpment, which is situated just east of TR, is the actual Tumbler Ridge. It rises 360 meters to more than 1,170 meters above sea level.

The average mean daily temperature in January is ?14.9 and in July it is between 13 and 14 degrees.

There are between 60 and 80 frost-free days in Tumbler Ridge each year.

Mean annual precipitation for Tumbler Ridge is 496mm. 40% of the annual precipitation is thanks to snowfall.

The average snow pack in Tumbler Ridge is 53 cm.

Our predominant wind direction is from the south-southwest. Winds from the north through east occur only 19.7% of the time. Winds from the northwest and the southeast are light and infrequent.

The townsite forms part of a series of benches, which are composed of glacial and recent fluvial deposits.

Tumbler Ridge is located within the black spruce subzone of the Boreal white spruce forest zone.

The soil is relatively moist above the townsite and this is perfect for the dense stands of Willow and Aspen, (which create a beautiful pallet of color for residents and visitors to enjoy in the spring and fall).

Below the townsite you will find mixed stands of Willow, Black Cottonwood, Trembling Aspen and White Spruce.

Before the construction of Tumbler Ridge began, the area was completely forested with mixed stands of Lodgepole Pine, Trembling Aspen and White Spruce.

Tumbler Ridge is located in a potentially high-risk area for fire. While there have been no serious fires in the vicinity for the past 30-35 years, there is evidence of at least one major fire within the last 100 years.