The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation has put in a funding proposal to ?2010 Legacies Now? regarding the creation of a Tumbler Ridge Archives to coincide with the community?s 25th anniversary. In terms of this proposal a consultant would be hired to establish the archives by the end of 2006, while training the Museum Foundation?s volunteers to continue managing the archives in the long term.

What would such archives contain? Simply put, everything of importance for the community and greater Tumbler Ridge area, from the beginning of its recorded history in 1906 until now, as well as the results of regional archaeological research and First Nations history dating further back. It would include artifacts, documents, films, videos, tapes, DVDs, books, anything significant that has contributed to what the community is today or is of outstanding historical importance. The palaeontological collections with their specimens and research are not part of this planned archives but are housed separately in the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge.

Much of this data has already been kept, but requires adequate cataloguing and filing. In other cases, leads need to be followed up. Some sources have promised to donate material once the archives are established and responsible storage can be promised. Regardless, a Tumbler Ridge Archives will be a wonderful resource now and into the distant future for Tumbler Ridge.

There are many ?vital organs? that together make up a functioning and healthy community. At 25 years we can be proud of many of these, like our impressive Town Hall, Community Centre, Library, sport and recreational facilities, special events, hiking trails, educational and health facilities etc. If in 2006 progress is made for developing a museum and these archives, two more essential vital organs that will celebrate our community will have been added.